Cellar Club


Cellar Club


By joining the Cellar Club, you’ll get the following benefits:

• Two special club releases per year (Spring + Fall)

• Exclusive or priority access to our bottled beers

• 25% off retail price for release bottles:

     - 3 Bottles | $35 - $55 per release

     - 6 Bottles | $70 - $110 per release

     - 12 Bottles | $140 - $220 per release

• 15% off all other bottle purchases in our tasting room any time you visit

• Merchandise: 

     - 2 Stemmed Glasses

     - Classic Church Key Bottle Opener

     - Bottle Bag

• One free tour and tasting for member + 3 guests (4 people total). Must schedule in advance.

• Monthly newsletter about bottle releases and special events

• $25 to join (one time fee)

• Sign up in our tasting room or online at www.CountryAles.com/shop/cellarclub

As a member of our Cellar Club, you’ll receive priority access to our bottled beers.

Most of these beers have aged in oak for upwards of a year, some have been refermented over seasonal local fruit, and others are fresh, limited-release beers. 

These beers have a special place in our hearts. They are truly a labor of love. They are alive and mature at their own pace. 

We’ll release 3 different beers to the Cellar Club twice a year. Depending on the quantity of each beer, your membership will either guarantee you exclusive access to the beer or, in the case of larger batches, you will have priority over the general public.

To sign up, there’s a one time fee of $25 to secure your spot and receive a welcome bag. At the time of registration, you agree to provide us with a valid credit card and, furthermore, commit to purchase beers at the two yearly release dates for a minimum of one year. 

Each beer will have a retail value of between $14 and $25. With your membership, you will receive beers in your release at 25% off the retail price. Additional bottles may be purchased in the tasting room throughout the year for 15% off.

You can elect to purchase three bottles (one of each), six bottles (two of each), or twelve bottles (four of each). The different options allow you to either try one of each beer, have extra bottles to share with friends, or obtain additional bottles for further cellaring. 

*As a member, you agree not to resell the bottles you purchase. It is illegal to resell beer without a resellers permit. Reselling beer will result in the termination of your membership. 

**All beer and merchandise must be picked up in our Goldendale Tasting Room within one year of the original release date. You may assign a trustee ahead of time to pick up your bottles if you are unable to.

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