Frances, Richard, and Jay (c. 1937)

Frances, Richard, and Jay (c. 1937)

The Dwinell family name

Our brewery carries the namesake of co-founder Jocelyn Dwinell Leigh's great-grandmother, Frances Almira Dwinell.

Born in 1906, Frances spent her early years in Ericson, Nebraska. During the dust bowl, Frances and her husband Jay Forest Petersen set out for the adventure of a lifetime, heading west to California and then to Washington, where they eventually settled.

The path Frances took is much like ours. We've traveled westward from Chicago, Illinois where we met, to take root and start a family business in Goldendale. In honor of her strength, determination, and hospitality, we named our brewery Dwinell Country Ales.


Justin Leigh

Justin Derek Leigh


Justin, a student of literature and practitioner of law, now specializes in completing paperwork and cleaning our brewhouse. He enjoys eating pickled foods and waxing philosophical: "When you change the way you look at the world, the world you look at changes."


Jocelyn Leigh

Jocelyn Dwinell Leigh


Jocelyn, opera singer by day, brewster by night, oversees the day-to-day operations at our brewhouse and tasting room. When she's not singing to fermenting beer, she can be found seeking perfection in her sourdough starter and collecting bottles of New Belgium's "La Folie."



Are you interested in working with us?

Do you love beer? Do you love talking about and sharing beer with others? Then you might be the perfect person to join our family!

We are currently looking to fill part time positions in the tasting room for the Fall and Winter. As we expand our tasting room patio next spring, several more full time positions will become available, as well as an assistant brewer and delivery driver. 

If interested, please fill out an application and send it with a resume to