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2nd Annual Adult Spelling Bee

Join us for our Second Annual Adult (Drinking) Spelling Bee! 

Here's how it works: Spellers grab a beer to settle their nerves and then participate in a series of 5 rounds featuring spelling words beginning at a 1st grade level and moving up to a 5th grade level. After each round or two, if you make it that far, we recommend re-filling your glass. Think you're as smart as a fifth grade spelling whiz? If you make it to the fifth grade, then you'll enter into one of three topic rounds. Whoever is left will then enter into a series of tiebreaker rounds.

The winner gets bragging rights and a gift certificate for the tasting room!

To participate, sign up in advance at the bar. $2 entry fee, only 20 spots available - must be 21+ to participate.

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