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Lookie Loo

A Cherry Farmhouse Ale | 750ml

A mixed-culture, barrel-aged brown ale refermented over Brooks cherries. Delicate kilned malt flavors are supported by deep red fruit, a balanced acidity, and a dry finish. Bottle conditioned. 7.0% ABV

42 Cases Produced - Brewed Aug, 2017 - Bottled Sep, 2018 - Released Feb, 2019


Plain Sight

An Apricot Farmhouse Ale | 750ml

A mixed-culture golden farmhouse ale aged for over a year in Grenache barrels and refermented over freshly picked Robata Apricots. Aromatic, estate-grown malt and a sun-kissed, stone-fruity zing are supported by a quenching acidity. Bottle Conditioned. 6.2% ABV

60 Cases Produced - Brewed July, 2017 - Bottled Aug, 2018 - Released Feb, 2019



A Sangiovese Farmhouse Ale | 750 ml

A mixed-culture farmhouse pale that underwent a light maceration with hand-picked Sangiovese grapes. A Rosé-inspired beer with bright fruit aromas, a tingling acidity, and a dry finish. Brewed in collaboration with Logsdon Farmhouse Ales (Washougal, WA). Bottle conditioned. 6.4% ABV

17 Cases Produced - Brewed Sep, 2018 - Bottled Oct, 2018 - Released Feb, 2019