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At Dwinell Country Ales, we're dedicated to making farmhouse and wild ales - a refinement and reinvention of simple, rustic ales traditionally brewed on farms in the region that was once known as Flanders. Today, miles from Belgium, we're enlivening the spirit of farmhouse brewing in the Klickitat Valley. Like our Flemish counterparts, it's our goal to brew using artisanal techniques that are wildly unpredictable and often defy definitions of style. In Goldendale, you'll find us taking inspiration from this brewing ethos - making  beers fermented with an elegant blend of yeast and bacteria. Pure Simcoe Mountain water, delicate heirloom malts, Yakima Valley hops,  and  a rich microflora give our beers a distinct sense of origin. To us, these are Country Ales. 


On Tap Now:

Updated 4/19/19


Welcome Wagon | Wild Apple Ale

A wild golden ale lightly hopped with Mandarina Bavaria hops then refermented over a blend of four varieties of pressed cider apple in collaboration with E.Z. Orchards (Salem, OR). 7.0% ABV

Burnt Prairie | Farmhouse Pale Ale

An easy-drinking, mixed-culture pale ale featuring a touch of mesquite smoked malt. Soft Simcoe Mountain spring water and delicate clove aromas give way to a light yet quenching smokiness. 6.3% ABV

Mother Hubbard | Harvest Amber Ale

A farmhouse amber ale seasoned with mulling spices and steeped with raw Goldendale grown blue hubbard squash. Notes of clove and dried fruit are supported by the squash’s delicate melon-like flavors. 5.5% ABV

Cabin Fever | Farmhouse Amber Ale

A cold-conditioned, French-style amber ale with a rich maltiness, a spicy hop character, notes of clove, and a dry finish. 5.5% ABV

Third Wheel | Coffee Porter

A rich yet drinkable porter with a chocolate-caramel character, a restrained roastiness, and light bitterness. Complex malt and dark fruit flavors are supported by cold brewed coffee from Father Michael’s Roastery. 6.0% ABV


Flash Point | Viognier Farmhouse Ale

A “raw” ale co-fermented with Viognier grapes from Gunkel Vineyards (Maryhill, WA) then dry-hopped with Citra and Mosaic. Brewed in collaboration with Allegory Brewing (McMinnville, OR). 5.4% ABV

Future Proof | Farmhouse Pale Ale

A mixed-culture farmhouse pale featuring a blend of barley and wheat from Mecca Grade Estate Malt (Madras, OR). Lightly dry-hopped with Hüll Melon and Mandarina Bavaria. Brewed in collaboration with Trap Door Brewing (Vancouver, WA). 5.5% ABV

Field Hop | Wild Ale   

A mixed-culture pale ale featuring a complex blend of estate-grown malt, locally-foraged yarrow, Medusa hops, and conditioned with honey. Brewed in collaboration with The Ale Apothecary (Bend, OR). 5.5% ABV

Barrel Aged

Levelheaded | Wild Ale

A mixed-culture, barrel-aged golden ale hopped with El Dorado, Azacca, and Citra. Soft malts, tropical hops, and a wild interplay of delicate funk are balanced by a lively acidity. 5.0% ABV

Fool’s Gold | Wild Lager

A pilsner aged in freshly dumped Viognier barrels with a blend of wild yeast and refermented on Viognier must. A smooth, biscuity pale lager with a subtle fruit character, a delicate acidity, and a touch of funk. Brewed in collaboration with Backwoods Brewing Co. 8.0%


All Ears | Cream Ale

A clean, easy-drinking “lawn mower” beer brewed with corn for a balanced malt profile and a dry finish. Lightly hopped to impart pleasant floral, citrus, and pine flavors. 5.8% ABV


Sun Gazer II | Hoppy Table Beer

A sessionable pale ale brewed with Walla Walla wheat malt then lightly dry-hopped with Nelson Sauvin and Ekuanot. Brewed in collaboration with Varietal Beer Co (Sunnyside, WA). 4.3% ABV

Early Onset | Hoppy Farmhouse Ale

A farmhouse golden heavily hopped with Denali, Azacca, Medusa, and Zappa. Notes of pine, Peachie-O’s, and a light grassiness are supported by a pillowy mouthfeel and a super dry finish. 7.1% ABV

Farmhand | Hoppy Farmhouse Ale

A sessionable, hazy pale ale fermented with Hornindal Kveik, a fruit-forward Norwegian farmhouse yeast. Heavily hopped with Mosaic, Citra, and Equanot. Brewed in collaboration with Bale Breaker Brewing Company (Moxee, WA). 5.0% ABV


Roman Beauty | Heirloom Cider - 6.7%

A farmhouse-style cider crafted with a blend of Roman Beauty, Yarlington Mill, and Granny Smith apples. Offered in partnership with E.Z. Orchards (Salem, OR).

Pomme | Dessert Cider - 16.7%

A fortified apple wine, similar to a Port or Sherry. Ripe fruit and baked apple with subtle toasted wood notes. The alcohol is soft and mellowed by extended barrel aging.  Offered in partnership with E.Z. Orchards (Salem, OR).


Pinot Gris | White Wine - 13.0%

Rich nectarine and pear notes mingled with honey.  Crisp fruit flavor is delivered at the front of the palate, while a slight cream texture fills in the finish. Offered in partnership with Maryhill Winery.

Red blend | Red Table Wine - 13.9%

Jammy fruit aromas and dried spice with subtle oak, integrating on the palate and finishing off smoothly.  Offered in partnership with Maryhill Winery.


Non-alcoholic Drinks:

DRY Soda


Island Fruit

Mountain Berry

Peach Tea

Ruby Citrus

Brew Dr Kombucha

Mint Lemonade


Vanilla Oak

Hot Cocoa or Assorted Teas