At Dwinell Country Ales, we make American wild ales -  unique beers fermented with an elegant blend of yeast and bacteria. Pure Simcoe Mountain water,  delicate heirloom malts, Yakima Valley hops,  and  a rich microflora give our beers a distinct sense of origin. These are Country Ales. 


On Tap Now:

Updated 3/19/18

Cascadia Crossing | Farmhouse Pale Ale

Hoppy. Tropical. Tart.

A sessionable, mixed-culture pale ale copiously dry-hopped with Rakau, Vic Secret, and Motueka. Brewed across the Cascades in collaboration with Brothers Cascadia Brewing (Vancouver, WA).

5.0% ABV

Ghost Town | Wheat Ale

Bright. Citrusy. Sessionable.

A refreshing, Berlin-style wheat ale showcasing notes of lemon, a crisp, juicy acidity, and a dry finish. Brewed with 100% Mecca Grade Estate Malt (Madras, OR). Try it with our Fir Tip Syrup!

3.2% ABV

Farmhand | Hoppy Farmhouse Ale

Fresh. Hoppy. Bright.

A spring seasonal spiced with roasted coriander then bountifully hopped with Citra and Mandarina Bavaria. Brewed in collaboration with Bale Breaker Brewing Company (Yakima, WA).

6.5% ABV

Red Handed | Farmhouse Red Ale

Citrusy. Malty. Refreshing.

A pleasantly tart mixed-culture raw ale delicately dry-hopped with Azacca and Idaho 7. Bright, citrusy hops give way to malt-forward flavors reminiscent of almond roca.

4.4% ABV

Tongue Tied | Dark Farmhouse Ale

Smoky. Roasty. Smooth.

A dark, malt-forward beer with intense roasted notes and a balanced smokiness. Complex toffee, coffee, and caramel flavors give way to a creamy yet quenching finish.

5.8% ABV

Sour Cherry Fallback | Stout

Fruit. Chocolate. Roast.

Our milk stout, Fallback, refermented with sour cherries and blended with a brown ale conditioned with wild yeast. Notes of tart fruit, sweet chocolate, and roasted malts lead to a dry finish.

5.8% ABV

Fallback | Milk Stout

Rich. Chocolate. Roast.

A classic stout brewed with lactose and fermented with our farmhouse yeast culture. Intense notes of sweet chocolate are supported by a play of roasted malts and a dry finish.

5.4% ABV

Lock Stock | India Pale Ale  

Hoppy. Malty. Floral.             

An English-style India Pale Ale with a smooth bitterness and a pronounced malt character. Floral and herbaceous hop notes  lead to a clean, slightly-sweet finish. Brewed in collaboration with Loowit Brewing Company (Vancouver, Wa).

5.8% ABV

Blue Light | Golden Lager

Crisp. Complex. Clean.

A rich, complex maltiness with a pronounced yet soft bitterness and a spicy, floral hop flavor. 

5.1% ABV


Guest Taps:

  Dry Hop  |   Hard Cider  TooleyBender - Battle Ground, WA  A fruit-forward cider with a mellow acidity, delicate hop flavor, and a semi-sweet finish.   6.5% ABV

Dry Hop | Hard Cider

TooleyBender - Battle Ground, WA

A fruit-forward cider with a mellow acidity, delicate hop flavor, and a semi-sweet finish.

6.5% ABV


Non-alcoholic Drinks:

Sportsman's Soda | Housemade

Fresh sodas made with seltzer water and housemade syrups.

Brown Sugar Mocha Soda

Lemon Lime Soda

Fir Tip Fizz

Grapefruit Spritz

Hot Cocoa or Assorted Teas


Past Beers:

Dumb Luck | Dark Farmhouse Ale

Roasty. Malty. Complex.

A dark, rustic ale with hints of chocolate and sweetened espresso. Intense malt flavors and a bright fruity zest give way to a soft roasty finish.

7.0% ABV

Horse Thief | Wild Pale Ale

Citrusy. Hoppy. Funky.

A Citra wet hop beer blended with a brett pale ale. Intense notes of citrus, peaches, and cream are supported by a touch of funk.

5.0% ABV


Easy Squeezy | India Pale Ale

Tropical. Hoppy. Hazy.

A generously hopped India Pale Ale brewed with malted oats and lactose. A bright, juicy hop profile complements a soft bitterness and a dry finish. Brewed in collaboration with Fortside Brewing Company and Hookum Brewing Company (Vancouver, WA).

5.9% ABV

Cabin Fever | Farmhouse Amber

Malty. Spicy. Smooth.

A traditional, artisanal beer from Northern France with a rich maltiness, a spicy hop character, notes of clove, and a dry finish.

8.0% ABV

Shark Jump | Hoppy Wheat Ale

Bright. Juicy. Tropical.                   

A German-style wheat ale heavily hopped with Enigma, Hallertau Blanc, and Calypso. Aromas of over-ripened fruit give way to a dry yet juicy finish. Sharks jumped in collaboration with Mecca Grade Estate Malt, Imperial Yeast, and Yakima Valley Hops.

7.6% ABV

Faith Healer | Golden Wild Ale

Bright. Vineous. Funky.

A golden ale fermented with a mixed-culture of wild yeast, Sherry flor, and lactic-acid bacteria. Aged in stainless steel for three months.

5.6% ABV

Lowdown | Wheat Ale

Lively. Fruity. Refreshing.

A German-style gose wheat ale with a citrusy aroma, balanced malt flavor, and slight acidity. A dry, unfiltered beer brewed with Goldendale white wheat, roasted coriander, and a dash of sea salt.

4.6% ABV

Staring Contest | India Pale Ale  

Hoppy. Juicy. Bright.             

A Yakima-style India Pale Ale bountifully dosed with Citra, Mosaic, and Simcoe cryo hops. Brewed in collaboration with Varietal Beer Co

7.1% ABV

Witchcraft | Fresh Hop Pale Ale

Hoppy. Juicy. Fruity.

A wet hop pale ale with intense notes of citrus, tropical fruit, and cream. Generously hopped with whole cone Citra (Toppenish) and Cascade (Goldendale).

5.1% ABV

Mind Share | Chardonnay Wild Ale

Vineous. Bright. Citrusy.

A mixed-culture golden ale re-fermented with chardonnay grapes. Intense notes of tart citrus are supported by a dry, cider-like finish.

6.5% ABV

Quick Draw | India Pale Ale

Hoppy. Fruity. Malty.

A strong hop bitterness with notes of citrus and resin are balanced by a caramel malty sweetness.

6.7% ABV

Punch Line | Pinot Wild Pale Ale

Citrusy. Hoppy. Funky.

Our wild pale ale Horse Thief re-fermented with pinot gris must from Maryhill Winery.

5.5% ABV

Summer Fallow | Golden Harvest Ale

Juicy.Tropical. Spicy.

A generously dry-hopped, refreshing summer farmhouse ale with an intense fruitiness, a prickly acidity, and dry finish.

4.7% ABV

Easy Peasy | Summer Shandy

Light. Fresh. Lemony.

Our wheat ale Lowdown, blended with a shot of tonic water and dash of fresh lemon juice for a nice refreshing zing. 

4.0% ABV

Mind Tongue | Medusa Wild Ale

Vineous. Hoppy. Funky.

A golden ale fermented with a mixed-culture of wild yeast and bacteria, re-fermented with chardonnay grapes, and dry-hopped with Medusa, a wild hop variety native to Colorado and New Mexico.

5.5% ABV

Cherry Dumb Luck | Dark Farmhouse Ale

Roasty. Malty. Complex.

Our dark, roasty farmhouse ale Dumb Luck re-fermented with local cherries from Ekone Ranch.

7.0% ABV

Gold Rush | Spiced Wheat Ale

Honey. Orange. Spice.

We've taken our Lowdown wheat ale and updated it with some Fall flavors by adding a house made syrup. 

4.6% ABV

Gold Dust I | White Ale

Citrusy. Elegant. Refreshing.

A hazy, creamy Belgian classic with notes of honey and vanilla. Hints of orange zest and roasted coriander balanced by a tart, dry finish. 

4.4% ABV

Pluot Lookie Loo | Fruit Brown Ale

Fruity. Tart. Dry.

Sun-kissed pluots (a plum/apricot) from the Maryhill Fruit Company add deep stone fruit flavors to our Lookie Loo brown ale in this special beer.

5.4% ABV

Lookie Loo | Brown Ale

Malty. Fruity. Crisp.

A malty-sweet session brown ale with a gentle caramel aroma, hints of red fruit, and a lingering finish. 

5.4% ABV

Huckleberry Dumb Luck | Dark Farmhouse Ale

Roasty. Malty. Complex.

A dark, rustic ale with hints of chocolate and sweetened espresso. Intense malt flavors and a bright fruity zest give way to a soft roasty finish. This special batch was blended with fresh Washington huckleberries!

7.0% ABV

Short Hand | Hoppy Brown Ale

Citrusy. Malty. Fruity.

Caramel maltiness, a touch of acid, and a burst of aromatic hops give way to a smooth, dry finish.

5.4% ABV

Loopy Loo | Coffee Brown Ale

Malty. Fruity. Roasty.

Our Lookie Loo brown ale spiked with rich, chocolaty, double-filtered cold brew coffee from Father Michael’s Roastery.


Fool’s Gold | Wild Pale Ale

Fruity. Hoppy. Funky.

A pale ale dry-hopped with Azacca and blended with white grape must. Intense notes of stone fruit, citrus and cream are supported by a touch of funk.

4.4% ABV

Foolproof | Apricot Golden Ale

Bright. Nectarious. Tart.

A refreshing summer ale with a fruity zing. Apricots from the Maryhill Fruit Company and a light malt character support a long-lasting, quenching acidity. 

5.3% ABV

Outnumbered | Wild Cherry Porter